The Ribeira Sacra is a wine region in the interior of Galicia, on the banks of the Rivers Miño and Sil. It was declared a biosphere reserve by UNESCO in 2021.

The region, which is crossed by the winter Camino de Santiago, brings together in a dramatic landscape of rivers and canyons the highest concentration of rural Romanesque in Europe. In the Ribeira Sacra you can find the first monastery of Galicia, San Pedro de Rocas (6th  century), as well as the spectacular monastery of Saint Estevo of Ribas de Sil (twelfth century). Ribeira Sacra Lagar do VentoThe Ribeira Sacra has a particular microclimate of both Atlantic and Mediterranean influences, which makes it especially suitable for viticulture, introduced more than a millennium ago by the Romans. In recent years, the wine iproduced in the region is being re-evaluated, starting with the foundation of the Ribeira Sacra designation of origin in 1997.

The most important and differentiating feature of the wine made in the area is the cultivation on terraces, which makes its mechanization impossible. The harvest is done strictly by hand. Because of the difficulty of working in such a peculiar orography, it has been dubbed  "heroic viticulture". For this and other reasons, the wine of the Ribeira Sacra is and will always be artisan and different.

vendimia heroica ribeira sacra 

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